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It is not difficult to see how video slots have become the primary attraction for most casinos. This is true whether at a land-based or online casino as these games are easy to play and can produce some fantastic winning opportunities.

What is interesting to note is that the online market plays a major role in this development as there are fewer limitations applied to their creation. They include the latest in HD graphics, latest release films and topical themes and they dominate the mobile sector.

There has been substantial growth and change in the free slots sector over the years, with slot machine developers playing a large part in those changes.

This includes improved graphics, an increase in the number of game features and the sheer number of ways these are presented, whether this relates to the number of paylines, ways to win or themes.

Where the online slot has an advantage is the endless themes that can be used. When you add payout percentages that exceed those of a land based casino, large progressive slots, and the sheer volume, it is not difficult to see how they have managed to become one of the premier gaming options out there.

The Different Shapes, sizes and Types of Online Casino Slots

Online slots come in all shapes and sizes. What is enjoyable is that each offers their own unique angle.

Whether they are classic in nature or of the latest in modern designs or topical themes, the market for slot machines in Spain, as all over the world, just seems to keep on growing.

When you look at the beginnings of Microgaming, one of the largest and most respected software companies, they only had a handful of games when they released their inaugural software 1996.

For some, the sheer number of games might seem a little overwhelming. To help you find the best online slots, we have created a quick idiots guide to slots, what to expect and how to maximise your pay-outs.

Today however, that number has grown to over 800. The result in this explosion within the industry has seen slots progress from classic and basic video slots to those that are nothing less than Hollywood-style productions that include an endless barrage of game features and potentially huge pay-outs.

Classics Slots, Video Slots and Progressive Jackpot Slots

Classic slots are the most basic form of slot you will find. These come classified as single reel and three reel slots. Generally, these will come without any special features but can include wild symbols and multipliers.

Another aspect to the classic slot is the inclusion of a progressive jackpot. While slot machines of this nature are less frequently found in casinos today, they still exist and can over substantial wins.

Progressive jackpot slots have reached a whole new level online. This is because progressive jackpot slots are network based, and this means that all casinos licensing those games play a part in their growth.

The result has seen jackpots increasing at incredibly fast rates, and the amounts of those being won have also increased, with most being far more valuable than that one would see in a traditional land based casino.

Video slots are the most popular and common slot you will come across, and for good reason. The technological advances in video slots are tremendous and they include an endless amount of features.

Most will include a wild and scatter symbol and incorporate free spins.

What makes them a popular choice is the interactive side. They tend to provide a larger number of winning opportunities of varying sizes and can often offer jackpot wins that surpass a million coins.

It is not difficult to see, based on this, what draws people to them. When you add in the advanced graphics, unique animations, and interesting themes, they quickly become hot favourites for most slot machine players.

What exactly are Slot Themes?

To attract more players and make these slots more exciting, those behind their creation have developed ways to incorporate themes from blockbuster movies, childhood stories, sports, and multiple other areas of interest. The developers have also managed to create bonus features to reflect the theme.

It’s all about the experience – 3D Graphics and Sounds from the latest casino slots games

Graphics in online video slots are progressing rapidly on a daily basis. This is thanks to the new technology that drives these games. The majority of new slots come with animated characters that carry out various movements, join the reels and add to the entertainment value they provide.

Yet, it is the sounds that often can make or break a slot, and for many, they are movie quality and encompass multiple sounds for certain characters, big wins or when triggering one of the game features.

With all these exciting themes and bonuses, it’s only expected that new ways to win are to be included. This includes having a larger number of paylines, or ways to win, which is one of the latest ways to receive your winnings as the symbols appear on the reels.

While most slots stay true to a specific number of paylines, today, you can enjoy slots featuring hundreds of ways to win. The result can see, when incorporated with wild symbols, massive wins, for even the smallest of initial bets.

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