Roulette – Information about this fabulous casino table game

Before we start please be aware that all form of gambling is a fun and entertaining pastime – but you must not let it get control of you. By setting yourself play limits and wager limits, you will ensure that you are in control of it and keep it playful and fun.

With that out the way, let’s talk about roulette, one of our favourite games here at

Roulette is another casino game, which is massively popular in online casino play.

The game began around the 18th century in Europe. It involves a basin shaped wheel, which spins round once turned from the protruding stick in the middle. A di is introduced to the spinning wheel, and spun in the opposite direction to the way the wheel is spinning.

Eventually the di looses momentum and drops lower and lower, and comes to rest in one of the coloured and numbered pockets in the wheel. The pockets are numbered 0-36, in a European game, which is commonly referred to as European Roulette or French roulette.

However, on the American Roulette there are two pockets for 0 – one ‘0’ and one ‘00’, or double zero.  This is something players need to be aware of as it has an impact on the odds of their bets!!

The game became popular in the States in the 1800’s, and they inserted another ‘0’ (the double zero) in order to gain a greater house advantage… the zero and the double zero are green in colour, and the rest of the numbers are red or black.

If you are playing roulette, like with any other form of gambling, ensure you know what your limit is.

Whether you want to play online roulette or to play or more specifically American roulette or European roulette, don’t get caught up in the excitement of the game so much that you chase any losses.

Set your limit, have a think about what specific type of roulette you want to play, or how long you will play for, or what system, (if any) you want to play by.

After you have gambled your allotted chips – don’t go back for more. Walk away from the table, go and make yourself a cup of tea and don’t throw more money at your losses!